Auto Repair Tips For The Lazy

For someone who prefers to do something on their own, fixing their own car is a job that can save them approximately $100; however, there is really no good reason whatsoever to spend around $20 or $30 for a repair manual that will end up being used only one time. Instead of dishing out that kind of money, consider looking at several different sources online to see where you can obtain free auto repair manuals.


Here are a few great sources to start off with:


  • The official website of AutoZone, which contains free comprehensive auto repair guides for multiple vehicle makes and models, going back as early as 1950.
  • Car&Driver, a user-friendly website that contains loads of great information, including guides for repairing not only small engines, but various household items as well.


Forums and Message Boards

Another great source to take advantage of is the forum and message board section of, where you will be able to post questions and receive answers from actual mechanics. Additionally, you can also browse through various topics regarding auto repair, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


Other message boards are also available online as well, some of which are peer-based. All you need to do is visit your preferred search engine and type in “auto repair forums” or “auto repair message boards” and chances are you will receive loads of different results. It’s important, however, to keep an eye out for ones that claim to be free, only to end up trying to sell you something instead. Alternatively, you should also watch out for ones that tell you that you can post questions, only to instead require you to pay a fee in order to receive the answer that you’re looking for.




Another great source to utilize is your local library, which will likely have auto repair manuals located in their reference section. It’s important to note that you cannot check these out and take them with you; however, you are permitted to make copies of what you need. Before visiting your local library, contact them and see if they have these kinds of manuals available.


If a physical manual is something that you really feel you need, there are plenty of online stores who will have them available at great prices, with some being as low as $1.99. You could even check local bookstores, as well as ask family and friends!