8 Items You Should Move with the Help of a Professional Removalist in Sydney

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When it time to move to a new place in Sydney, you have two options to consider; the first one is to hire a removalist to help pack and relocate all of your items; while the second job is to do it yourself and enlist some friends to help, both are great options. But, sometimes there may be items that may turn out to be a little too hard for the general public to move safely, and could potentially cause damage to your items. In these instances, it is best to employ a professional to help you move those difficult items, rather than you trying to do it yourself.


Some of those difficult items, are not only really big and heavy but can cause there to be some logistical issues when it comes time to safely and securely move them. Which is why letting a professional manage it, will not only minimize damage to your items but will also prevent you from possibly hurting yourself. So, if you are looking to move right now or anytime soon, here is a list of difficult items to help you better decide if you should bring in a professional mover to help.



Pool Table

The second item on the list is the pool table; they are generally quite expensive and are pretty big. Attempting to move a pool table by yourself could harm the table itself, as well as damage your floors, and walls, and could scuff up the paint. In case the green colored felt that is on top of the table’s playing surface gets damaged the cost of repairing it could be very expensive, and time-consuming. Relocating a pool table without having proper knowledge of what you are doing can be a recipe for disaster. Contrary to popular belief moving a pool table is a lot more difficult than moving a regular table. If you try moving such a large item without any professional help, you could hurt yourself, or end up having to replace the felt.



It is no surprise that the piano is first on the list. They are big, bulky and heavy. With pianos, it is important to remember that even though they are large, they are still very fragile. Not to mention that they can take a lot of effort to move. Let’s say that you own an antique piano, that is most likely worth a ton of money. Would you want to risk moving it without any professional support? Probably not. Hence, the best plan is to simply connect to licensed Sydney removalists. Preferably someone with a good reputation and with a lot of experience in moving big heavy items and one that will assist you in getting everything settled, without you having to stress about damaging your fragile and expensive musical instrument.


Fish Tank

Fish tanks that are less than 75 liters are pretty easy to move on your own. But any tank that is bigger than 20 will most likely require some help. Especially since those tanks can be difficult to hold which could cause you to drop it and have pieces of glass fly all over the place. Causing quite a mess and possibly losing your pet to in an avoidable accident. Let’s say that you purchased a 378-liter fish tank. It is full of all sorts of exotic fish, which makes it even more heavy. You are going to have to come up with a way to relocate the fish that has been displaced and empty the water from the tank. All of which will just end up being a huge hassle and stress you out even more. Given these circumstances there are specialty removalists out there that can move your fish and tank, leaving you to have a stress-free moving experience.


Big Televisions

Moving your 55″ LCD screen TV on your own could result in a broken electronic, leaving you without a functioning television. Which is not something you want to experience, especially after a long day of moving. If you contrast this to some of your other stuff, a television may not be considered a heavy bulky item but do you really want to risk ruining it? Professional removalists nowadays can provide special types of packing material that will safely store your television in. This will ensure that the television will reach your new house without any damage at all.


Expensive Art

Transporting expensive art or paintings by yourself or with a mover is a basically a personal gut call that you should make before you move. The rarity and value of a piece could play a role in determining whether you hire someone to help you or not. While posters and wall art from Target are quite okay for you to transport by yourself; but for anything that is of high value, it would be a good idea to hire a mover that specializes in transporting art items. All professional art removalists have custom designed boxes and special packing materials for those special paintings and sculptures, that will keep your artwork safe and secure during the moving process.


Exercise Equipment

Having exercise equipment in your house has become increasingly popular. But when you have to move all that to a new place, having professionals do the heavy lifting could help save you time. Home fitness machines, elliptical machines, and treadmills could be difficult to assemble, and are usually just as troublesome to move out when they are fully assembled. Since those machines have many different moving parts you could risk damaging your house and yourself, if you were to try moving it on your own. Your fingers may get trapped in at various places while trying to move it out of the room, could lead to some seriously bruised finger tips.


Washing and Dryers

Washing and dryers are big, expensive and difficult to move. Which makes both of those pretty difficult to haul around, that is why some people just prefer to let them go. Moving them on your own could be an option if you have the right equipment, but since a lot of people do not they should consider finding a mover. The movers could end up being more than going out and buying a new washer and dryer set.


Backyard Equipment

And what about those items that are in the backyard? This could range from anything to sheds, tools, and playground equipment. All these huge items are things that you should consider hiring a professional to help move. They can take up a lot of room on a normal sized moving truck which could cause you to make multiple trips back and forth between houses, costing you lots of time and money.

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